How To Play

Challenge Game Options

There are two types of Quick Plays which allow you to quickly enter a Challenge.

To play a Challenger from your network select the Challenge options that say “Private Challenge- Invite Friend”. Follow the process of selecting your teams. Once you confirm your picks, you will be prompted to invite a Challenger from your network.

To play a Challenger from the SportHitters universe simply select the Challenge Options you prefer listed as “Join Public Challenge”. Select your teams. Once you confirm your picks, you will be placed in a Challenge against a Challenger with the same game options.

All Users may create their own custom Challenges by selecting the “Create Custom” tab on the Challenge screen. Select your game options. Your Challenge will appear in “My Challenges” screen. Enter the screen and proceed with your Challenge.


1) Pick the team you think will win the game. No spreads

2) All entries are final once selections are confirmed.

3) If your team wins, Value points are awarded to your Bracket. 

4) Challenge Bracket Winner is determined by Challenger with most points earned

5) SportHitters Game Team Values are determined by our formula and algorithm. Values are released daily, except for NFL and NCAAF which are released Monday or Tuesday to minimize large value fluctuations during the week.

6) Points may vary slightly in a Challenge Bracket based on time of entry. Same team selections can have varying results based on point changes up-to game time.

7) If a game is cancelled, suspended or postponed and no game result is offered. Challengers Bracket is still live and Bracket winner is decided by total points.

To build a network enter the Chat screen. You may search for users by typing in their Username and add them to your network. This will allow you to Invite them to a Challenge and/or chat directly with them any time.